Exchange of power
Underlines corroded tradition

Everyone yellow is at birth without legs
Unavailable to run

Tempted to glue all eyes to liberty
Emotional search for time that was left
Starts tomorrow

There is a river in between.


The dog’s liking of the “other” has returned
like a boomerang

Ready to commit an inward mass suicide,
they enter through different doors

They sit on different chairs
They are blind and red
Raped from pretend innocence of life

The dog sits by the water
And starts licking the dead body
It’s late.
The wedding day is over.

Entering a chapel to say goodbye
Step by step

They don’t see the eyes
The dog never left, it only follows.


Heartbeat becomes even
I hold her tight
She sits down and drinks tea

Not mine
Yet she wants to cuddle
Only with my lips

Bright light blinds the body
The neck is too short
I beg you, sit naked

I see you from afar
Despite of the walls in between
We let the skin breathe


Sudden time turns the land
Against dysfunctional palate of colors

The door left behind can’t close
But no one can escape

Silence replaces a supernatural need to

They start spinning
They don’t cut the veins
But slice the throats

Confined to a speed race in the movies down
the avenues of greed and revenge
Against everyone

The emotional rape of their land is
Tempered with making love to grass
The green became red

Transparent walls turn up north
They can’t be found
Because one God is north
And one God is south.


She stands there
Her finger touches my skin and it makes a deep line
The line spreads to sides...It oozes...Slowly...Where ever it can go
It disappears in yards and miles of moving stones, and fast galloping horses
Inside of the walls of solitude of one hundred years there are cracks reserved for ants
The dog by the wall is looking for hungry food
How close can it come?
You will never know why you laugh
Because you left before your time
On a train, in your new world, there wasn't me.
I used to indulge on being able to come close to people
But my name starts to escape me and I became nameless
How old
I was there
I'm sure I was there
I was breathing...was that enough?
My breaths are shallow, and I know that you hate that
You are afraid, that I'm going to die early
I learned to live beside shallowness
I'm drunk from loving that shallow air
We know that the melting emotion
Is born next day. With that the body crumbles again.